Justice Almost Delivered

Today a bill has been passed in lower house of the Indian Parliament which terms instant divorce or triple talaq among Muslim community as a criminal offence. For people who don’t know what triple talaq is I want to tell them triple talaq is instant divorce which is given by a husband to his wife just by saying “talaq” word three times continuously (talaq,talaq,talaq) and with that he can abandon her at that very moment without any alimony for maintainance or any kind of support. Since decades Muslim women were suffering due to this inhuman practice and were fighting against it. The very controversial  case against instant divorce fought for the first time by Mrs. Shah Bano is known to everyone and since then a lot of muslim women were fighting against this practice and today their soul breathed some fresh air when the bill was passed in the lower house.

But some muslim men are protesting against this bill and are not ready to accept it in anyway. The question is what is the thing that is hurting them so much. Every muslim women is celebrating but some men are totally against it as if their fundamental right to harass, dominate and torture women has been snatched away from them. It’s shocking to see how some men are unhappy while the women of their own community are so much in relief today. According to this bill if a man gives his wife triple talaq, she can approach the nearby police station and file a complaint against him and if during interrogation he admits it and still says that he will not take her back then he may suffer a jail term upto 3 years. So the men opposing this bill are raising questions that if the man is sent to jail for 3 years then who will take care of the family and what will be the financial source for them and because of this the women will face a lot of problems. I think this is the most stupid argument I have ever heard because when the triple talaq system was in practice, these so-called intellectuals never raised their voice against the victims of this practice and were thoroughly enjoying it and no one was there to help women who were abandoned by their husband without any moral or financial support and there were no doors for help.

But since this bill was introduced in the parliament which states triple talaq as criminal offence, suddenly these men are showing their soft corner for these women. But is this soft corner for those women or those men who will be jailed? Their statements clearly give us the answer. If a muslim man wants a divorce he can go to court for that but why instant divorce so important to them. The answer is simple- it was a power to them to dominate, harass and torture women and throw them out of their house whenever they feel so without paying for their maintainance or providing them with any kind of support and now the lack of this power is bothering them the most.

Well, whatever they say and no matter how much they protest against the bill, the wave of relief among muslim women in India clearly shows that this is one of the best steps taken by the government to protect the rights of muslim women. This also sets a great example of secularism and women empowerment in the country. This is a historic day for the women of muslim community in India.



14 thoughts on “Justice Almost Delivered

  1. its religious matter of Islam. which is from our Prophet and by Allah. who we are to change this. same like your religion, if any thing in your religion from your forefather then who am i as a Muslim interrupt your religion and change any thing which i dont like. respect every religion what ever it is. thank you.
    your comment is open for public so i typed here.


    1. I do respect every religion but if Triple Talaq is really a religious matter then why most of the Islamic nations have put an end to it? Apart from India which is a secular, other nations including major islamic countries have banned it, they are- Pakistan,Bangladesh,Turkey,Cyprus,Tunisia,Algeria,Malaysian state of Sarawak,Iran,Sri Lanka,Jordan,Indonesia,UAE,Qatar,Sudan,Morocco,Egypt,Iraq,Brunei,Malaysia

      Even I approved your comment because i want every one to see it

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      1. Thanks for approval. Are you sure about these countries? Because I am living in Qatar by birth and other Muslim countries I also visited . And not seen any banned there. Are you sure about these all countries? Please reconfirm. Thank you


      2. Now i understood what you said. The ban in other countries is on the instant effect, consider Pakistan for a while, the husband must pronounce the word “talaq in three successive menstrual cycles. In Egypt it is guided by three steps. So they get sufficient time to think about it because they have a particular procedure for it which guarantee the safety of woman’s rights also, but in India it was instant without any protection of women’s rights, that is why it has been abolished.

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