Blamed for nothing!

Right from my childhood I have seen women getting blamed by their family members and especially their male partners for anything that goes wrong in the family. I have seen in a lot of movies and also in real life that when a child achieves something or tops an exam in school, the father proudly says “That’s my son!” and the mother smiles and says nothing, but when the child fails or falls in a company of bad people, the father always turns to the mother and says ” that’s all because of you and your parenting!”.

What I want to highlight here is, this is going on for generations, even when a woman is the victim, a very large part of the society doubts on her character without even trying to know what exactly happened. I wonder what is this trait that is being passed on from one generation to the other. People easily say that woman is the root of all problems and if someone disagrees, then without even a single drop of knowledge they give examples of epics such as Mahabharat and say “it all started with Draupadi! If she hadn’t made fun of Duryodhan, the war wouldn’t happen, the reason behind the biggest war in the history of mankind was a woman!”. Today I want to tell those people, that it isn’t written anywhere in Mahabharat that Draupadi made fun of Duryodhan. In the epic Mahabharat by Rishi Vedvyas, shloka 136, Anukramanikaparv, Adiparv it says- “Tatravahsitashchasit praskandanniv sambhramat, pratyaksham vasudevasya bheemenanbhijatvat” which translates to, ” In that house, due to illusion between water and land Duryodhan’s foot slipped, then in front of lord Shri Krishna, Bheema made fun of him by calling him barbaric”. Now everyone who blames Draupadi needs to understand this. She paid a very high price without doing anything wrong. It was Bheema and not Draupadi who made fun of Duryodhan , it was Pandavas and Kauravas between whom the game was played but the one who suffered was Draupadi.

There were some so-called ‘intellectual’ people in our society who couldn’t see women rising and living with equal status in the society and wanted to dominate them and for that they also tampered with our history, and i must say that they succeeded because this is the problem in the major sections of our society. Today a child will learn what he sees in his house, if he sees his father blaming his mother all the time for something wrong, he will grow up believing that women is the reason behind every problem and he will be doing the same in future. This is a serious problem that has penetrated deep into the minds and thoughts of people and it cannot be eradicated easily.

We need to bring the change by changing our own thoughts, we need to change our perspective and perception towards this situation, we need to teach our children that women aren’t the root of all problems but women are the ones who solve all our problems. We need to understand that a mistake can’t be corrected by blaming it on a woman, it will be corrected only by correcting oneself. It is said, “Only a woman can make house a home!” A society that respects women always progress and a society that disrespect women destroys itself because all of us are in this world because of a woman.



4 thoughts on “Blamed for nothing!

  1. I agree with the fact that the great war didn’t start because of draupadi. But in my graduation, I had a part of Mahabharata (the translated version in english) in my course and according to that version, draupadi also made fun of duryodhan. This incident happened after Bheem made fun of duryodhan.

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    1. Exactly Saumya, that is what I’m talking about. A lot of spiritual leaders tampered with our history and they presented their own version of the book blaming draupadi. There are a lot of books with different versions. Even the epic TV serial showed us the same. But one day i heard that it is not like that, so I myself started reading the original vedvyas mahabharat that too with shloks and I found that what we have been taught was wrong. Problem is we just believe what we see in TV or what we read in someone else’s book, we never read it by ourselves. This is why I even wrote the shlok to prove it, because people must know the truth and they must stop blaming Draupadi and also every other woman.


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