Shower thought

No doubt shower is the best place to think. I don't know how it just boosts my thinking capability every time. Today I'm sharing a shower thought. We all have studied in chemistry about molecules and atoms in our school days and we are very well aware about the structure of an atom. We know … Continue reading Shower thought


Have you ever?

Have you ever studiedĀ a river? Ever wondered what it tells you when the water hits a rock and opens its arms to hug you Have you ever studied the stars? Ever wondered what they tell you about who you are in this endless universe Have you ever studied a breeze? Ever wondered what it tells … Continue reading Have you ever?

Are we really advanced?

I have great interest in reading epics like Mahabharata and exploring other Vedic texts because I believe that Vedic era was far more advanced than we are today. Vedic texts were written in Sanskrit and are thousands of years old. Nuclear wars, advanced weaponry (astras), advanced aerodynamic flying vehicles (vimanas) have been mentioned in them. … Continue reading Are we really advanced?